With the Master in Heavenly Places

$17.00 (paperback)
CDs - $75.00 (twenty-two, 40 min messages)

Endorsed by Kathy Peters, wife of Justin Peters ( and Brannon Howse,(

Rarely do I commend theological books written by a woman because, quite frankly, most of today's popular female Bible teachers are not exactly known for their sound exposition of Scripture--which is one of the reasons for their popularity. Susan has long been a careful exegete of Scripture and this work on Ephesians continues her faithful track record. Only the careful, deep, hermeneutically sound study of God's Word will bear true fruit in our lives. As a personal friend of Susan's I can tell you that not only does Susan teach sound doctrine, she lives it out. If you want a female Bible teacher to tickle your ears, turn on your television. If you want one to challenge and feed you, I commend to you With the Master in Heavenly Places--Kathy Peters, wife of Justin Peters.

All of Susan's studies have homework available at the end of each chapter included in each Bible study.