Ellen Wall
Hi Susan, so enjoying your Bible study of 1 Peter, it is so refreshing 
to hear a lady like yourself that loves God's Word.  I also was not 
saved until I was 32 years old....  but I was not as blessed as you to 
have grown up under God's Word.  So I had never read it before 2002. So 
the Lord has impressed on me since the first day how important His Word 
is!   I have been blessed to have read through the Bible over 10 times 
now....  and have a "Bible Reading" ministry that I share with other 
ladies to encourage them to read through the Bible and do a fill in the 
blank daily of God's Word. I, like you have found so many that call 
themselves "Christians" but have NEVER read the entire Bible...... or if 
they did it was "so long ago..."  this also grieves my heart.  Thank YOU 
so much for your love of the LORD and HIS WORD!
    In Christ, Ellen Wall

P.S. Thank you for encouraging me to memorize....  this is very 
challenging to me.....  but I do believe we will be taken to heaven soon 
(raptured) or persecution will come to our land....  and my Bible may be 
confiscated....  I need to have His Word hidden in my heart....