Sarah from NY

My name is Sarah Manns. I live in buffalo NY. I just wanted to write you to let you know how much I appreciate your teachings!!!! I heard of you though Justin Peters. He suggested checking out 'with the master' in one of his sermons (which was AWESOME and taught me sooo much about the deception of the health wellness and prosperity message!) I was diagnosed months ago with debilitating Lyme disease. I've been a Christian for years and the illnes became so bad at one point I truly wanted to just pass on and be with Jesus. I've been soooo frustrated in the past being taught God wants you healthy, wealthy and live until your 100+. These teachings are detrimental to those going through a fiery trial! After my boyfriend passed at the age of 32 from a massive heart attack I could no longer listen to these teachings. In my heart I knew it wasn't sound doctrine and LONGED for encouragement and living water to get me through all that I was going through. God is good and lead me to your bible studies! I just finished Philippians! I listen every day and take notes! I am now in James! I just want to thank you for your loyalty to the Word!!! Thank you for teaching women like me what The Bible actually says and how it pertains to our lives! I have been getting better through a tough antibiotic regime. Praise the Lord! I now see everything I went through as a blessing!!!! I trust God on a whole new level!!! I'm hoping more teachings will be downloaded I look forward to them! I pray for you a lot! And can't wait to meet you one day! Maybe not on this earth... Maybe in heaven! Doesn't matter to me!!! Be blessed. God is using you greatly to establish the true Gospel. Pray for women like me who clash with even family members who think I'm uptight or deceived bc I refuse to demand healing from my Lord. Now my prayers are more so "Your will be done Father". I love you sister in the Lord. 

Grace and peace,