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1 Bible Study + Small Booklet Bundle
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Please Note: The Book Bundle is for U.S. orders only. 

This bundle includes your choice of one of Susan's Bible Study books + her entire set of booklets.

Books (Choose ONE)

(1) With the Master on the Mount

(1) With the Master in the School of Tested Faith

(1) With the Master On Our Knees - Volume #1

(1) With the Master In Fullness of Joy

(1) With the Master Before the Mirror of God's Word

(1) With the Master in Heavenly Places

(1) With the Master Shepherding the Sheep

(1) With the Master and Nothing Else

Booklets (All INCLUDED)

(1) Putting-Off Life Dominating Sins

(1) A Call to Scripture Memory

(1) A Call to Discipleship

(1) Assurance: Twenty Tests for God's Children

(1) What Does a Spirit Filled Marriage Look Like?

(1) Speaking the Truth In Love in a Post Truth World

(1) The Liberating Gospel