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With the Master Shepherding the Sheep
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With the Master Shepherding the Sheep: A Ladies' Bible Study of 1 Timothy

If there is a study that is needed at this moment in history it is 1 Timothy. We have few shepherds who are feeding their flocks but have become cowards and politicians in the pulpit. The church has become a theater and a place to be entertained rather than be fed the pure milk of the word and a place where genuine discipleship takes place.

In this letter, Paul instructs Timothy and the church not only regarding sound doctrine, but Paul also gives instruction regarding the use of the law; the role of women in the church; the qualifications for leadership along with what is a reasonable salary for them; doctrines of demons which have crept into the church; the importance of using spiritual gifts; how to rebuke older women and men; qualifications for a widow; the importance of being content with food and clothing alone; the warning of loving money along with a warning for those who are rich. Paul also writes regarding the depth of his own sin and his humility that God would allow him to serve him. He has several doxologies in this epistle that exalt the high name of God.


Homework is included at the end of each chapter.