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Tuesdays — Starting January 11, 2022

Daytime class at 10:00AM   |   Evening Class at 7:00PM


Grace Community Church  |  19214 E 91st ST Broken Arrow, OK 74012


The apostle Paul has been ministering on the island of Crete with Titus, his son in the faith. Paul has to leave, and now Titus is left alone with instructions to start churches in all the cities. Paul is a loving father who gives instructions/(counsel?) to his son on what is necessary as he undertakes this task. Paul will remind Titus of the importance of purity in our redemption; purity in the leadership of the church; purity in one's doctrine; purity in one's conscience; purity in the old men; purity in the old women; purity in the young women; purity in the young men; purity in the honoring of God; purity in one's conduct; purity in one's speech and purity in relationships. 




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Pastor Doug Heck's Memorial Service. 


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If there is a study that is needed at this moment in history, it is 1 Timothy.

We have few shepherds who are feeding their flocks but have become cowards and politicians in the pulpit.

The church has become a theater and a place to be entertained rather than a place to feed

the pure milk of the Word and a place where genuine discipleship occurs.

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Congratulations to my dear friend and servant of the Lord!

 She faithfully determined, by God's will, to memorize the whole New Testament and that desire the Lord placed in her was accomplished the day before her 64th birthday which was on February 9, 2020!  As the years go by, I pray the Lord protects Susan and uses her more and more in my life and the many other ladies she teaches, mentors and disciples.  Praise be to God for you and the work HE has given you to do, all for His glory.  

Love you dear friend, Deb Pendergraft




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