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Susan Heck speaking

Photo Credit: Priscila G. Photography

If you would like Susan to speak at your event, please contact her at 918-695-0831 or

She is happy to help you come up with a theme for your conference or retreat.  Here you can see the topics and scriptures she has spoken on at previous events.

A note regarding speaking fees: Susan leaves the amount of the honorarium up to each individual church or group. She does ask for reimbursement for travel expenses, which includes airfare and sometimes parking her car at the airport in Tulsa. Susan travels with a companion who runs the book table but does not expect for her airfare to be covered. However, if your church is able to cover the airfare that would be a tremendous blessing. If the church could please set up an 8 foot or longer for her books and materials that would be helpful.  Susan prefers to stay in a hotel so that she can study and rest. 

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