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With the Master
Living in Purity

Passage: Titus 1:1-4
In this lesson, we will consider the points of our redemption, the promise of our redemption, the process of our redemption, and the pleasure of our redemption.


Purity in Leadership

Passage: Titus 1:5-9
As we think of the importance of purity in leadership we will consider in this lesson: The Enormous Task for Titus and The Elder's Taintless Traits.


Purity in Doctrine

Passage: Titus 1:10-13
As we consider purity in doctrine and the need for it, we will look at three important issues. First of all, what are the marks of those who teach impure doctrine? We will answer that in the form of an acrostic IMPURE. Then secondly, what are the mandates for dealing with those who teach impure doctrine? There will be two mandates. Thirdly, what is the motive for silencing and sharply rebuking those who teach impure doctrine?


Purity in Conscience

Passage: Titus 1:14-16
We will consider eight ways in which we can detect those who have an impure conscience, and they all start with the letter "D".


Purity in Older Men

Passage: Titus 2:1-2
We will consider: Titus' Duty to Teach Pure Doctrine and Older Men's Duty to Obey Pure Doctrine


Purity in Older Women

Passage: Titus 2:3-4
We will consider in this session the role of the older woman in discipling younger women. What should her character look like and what is discipleship anyway?


Purity in Young Women

Passage: Titus 2:4-5
In this lesson we will consider the seven-fold curriculum that is to be taught in a mentoring relationship, along with some practical helps.


Passage: Titus 2:6-8
We will consider in this session the pointed exhortation for the young men; The personal example of Titus, and the powerful evangelism tool.


Purity in Honoring God

Passage: Titus 2:9-15
As we consider living in purity by honoring God, we will look at how servants are to honor God; how saints are to honor God, and how Paul's spiritual son, Titus, is to honor God.


Purity in Conduct

Passage: Titus 3:1-7
We will consider our past conduct, our present conduct and our predicted conduct.


Passage: Titus 3:8-11
In this lesson, we are considering purity in our speech. We will consider those who speak faithful words, those who speak foolish words, and those who speak fighting words.


Purity in Relationships

Passage: Titus 3:12-15
As we come to our final lesson, purity in relationships, we will consider what does a pure relationship look like in the biblical sense? We will observe 4 qualities and they will be in the acrostic, PURE.

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